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The book “Lithuanian Instrumental Folk Music. Wind Instruments” contains 366 instrumental pieces. If you remember the title of a particular piece or part of it, you are welcome to use simple Search. Type the word into the Search window, e.g. Untytė,and you will get all the variants of the particular piece. If you know the number of the instrumental piece, use Advanced Search, only typing the number into the window, e.g. 115. You may use other parameters that you are aware of – like the informant’s place of residence, or the place of recording, e.g. Salamiestis, Biržai, Jūžintai, Kupiškis; or family names of the musicians or collectors, e.g. Burbulis, Musnikas, Baniulis, Sabaliauskas; or the year of recording, e.g. 1912. If you are looking for compositions played by particular kind of instruments, e.g. those performed by multi-pipe whistles skudučiai, in the Advanced Search window Musical Instrument click an arrow and choose from the list. If you are looking for instrumental polyphony or other musical genres, use the selection from the Folklore Genres window.
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